Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i do not know how to save a life

wordless wednesday
i feel empty in my heart
i don't know why i feel like that
i feel something inside my heart already die and gone
i'm so tired with this fight
when this battle will end?
i want to cry
i want to scream
tear don't fall
my life turn to ruins again
i'm not loser
give me strenght
give me some spirit
give me someone that can give me spirit
someone that can give me strenght
someone that can change me to a better person
someone that can make me smile
someone that can make me laugh
someone that can love me
someone can accept my past
i'm not hunger of love
i'm hunger of happy life
everyday is the same for me
everyday i pretend to be cheerful person
because i want put beside my sadness
i hope someday the day will come
la tahzan

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